What you need to know about the show

Will I have power in my booth on Saturday- set up day?

Yes, the power outlet will be live during move-in hours and normal show operating hours. Download the form here

How do I know how much power my equipment requires?

Most equipment that plugs into a standard outlet found in your home or office in North America will require 120 volt current. This includes lights, most office equipment, cooking appliances. The only difference between these products is that some will be rated in wattage and some will be rated in amperage.

Download the form here

Do I need lighting for my booth?

Lighting can noticeably enhance the look of your booth. Used effectively, lighting can emphasize products or highlight specialized areas, drawing customers into your exhibit area.

Download the form here

Will there be a place to buy food at the show?

We will be creating a small restaurant area where vendors and guests can purchase something to eat. Menu will be provided 3 weeks before the show. We also suggest that you bring a small lunch if you don’t want to leave your booth.




  • Celebrations- 20% discount on all orders
  • Joe’s Prop House-20% discount on all orders- Deadline Oct.26
  • Bravo Rentals
  • Location Gervais